TruSculpt iD vs Coolsculpting – How Both Works? What’s the difference?

While Coolsculpting uses suction and cooling, TruSculpt uses a handheld device that delivers radio frequency energy that heats up fat cells. The cells begin to shrink and continue shrinking after the treatment. These cells are eventually eliminated by the body. Unlike Coolsculpting, the TruSculpt device does not need to grab onto areas of skin and excess fat. The treatment can also be repeated if you want further reduction.

CoolSculpting Compared to TruSculpt iD

  • CoolSculpting uses cooling to freeze and kill fat cells, TruSculpt uses heating to heat and kill fat cells
  • CoolSculpting cannot target a specific area, and fat reduction may be uneven, TruSculpt targets very specific areas of fat, and as such is also a contouring device (achieve specific and desired results instead of aiming in the dark, so to speak)
  • CoolSculpting is a 45 minute procedure and may require multiple treatments, TruSculpt is a single 15 minute procedure and eliminates up to 24% of fat
  • CoolSculpting is not painful, although there can be some discomfort or numbness days after the treatment, TruSculpt is also not painful, and you may only experience some redness for about 1 hour after the treatment
  • CoolSculpting doesn’t treat cellulite or the extra skin leftover if you achieve fat elimination, TruSculpt reduces cellulite and tightens the skin that’s left over from fat reduction

We pick TruSculpt over CoolSculpting every time because the technology is far superior, the benefits are much greater, and the patient satisfaction far exceeds that of CoolSculpting.

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