Weight Loss Services

Weight Loss Services

We are here to help you with living healthier lifestyle


At North Houston Aesthetics & Wellness Center we want to help you with your weight loss by formulating a customized program. We analyze various causes of being overweight. There are many reasons why some people have difficulty avoiding obesity. Usually, obesity results from a combination of inherited factors, combined with the environment and personal diet and exercise choices. We strive to assist you in making healthier choices with dietary changes, behavior modification, and exercise for the long term.

Health Facts

Obesity is a complex health issue resulting from a combination of causes and individual factors such as behavior and genetics. Obesity is a common problem that affects more than a quarter of the American population.  According to the National Institutes of Health, obesity and overweight together are the second leading cause of preventable deaths in the United states.  In addition, Centers for Disease Control (CDC) state obesity or overweight increase the risk of other health conditions and diseases including:

  • High blood pressure (Hypertension)
  • High LDL cholesterol, low HDL cholesterol, or high levels of triglycerides (Dyslipidemia)
  • Type 2 diabetes
  • Coronary heart disease
  • Stroke
  • Gallbladder disease
  • Osteoarthritis (a breakdown of cartilage and bone within a joint)
  • Sleep apnea and breathing problems
  • Low quality of life
  • Mental illness such as clinical depression, anxiety, and other mental disorders
  • Body pain and difficulty with physical functioning

Our services

For every new patient we begin by conducting a full body assessment and examination. The one-on-one consultation includes evaluation of cause of weight gain and formulating diet and exercise plan personalized for you need.


What is Ideal Protein Weight loss?

The ideal protein program on high protein foods which support and develop muscle mass. Protein uses a four stage system that limits carbohydrates intake and help your body to burn fat for energy. Our program helps to develop lifestyle changes for a lifetime healthy weight management.



Lipotropic and B12 Injections

We offer combination of Lipotropic agents and B12 injections. The lipotropic helps to break down fats in your digestive track. While the Vitamin B12 help to boost energy level and promote cellular formation.


Your Initial Consultation

Contact North Houston Aesthetics & Wellness Center today to schedule your initial consultation. We’ll discuss your aesthetic enhancement ambitions and determine the best possible non-surgical aesthetic enhancement plan that suits your unique needs.